Information on Colorado College's Rankings


According to Forbe's list of top colleges in the USA, Colorado didn't fare so well and many have dropped from last years rankings.

In fact, the highest ranking Colorado Colege was the United States Air Force Academy coming in at number 38.Only one other College made it in the top 100 and that was Colorado College.

Costs to Benefits

Paying $60,000 for a college education should come with some guaranteed benefits , you would think. if a College cannot guarantee you top training and education, then perhaps it can think about returning some of the hard earned school fees back to the students. or is is the students fault that the college rankings are this low?Colorado Colleges should be committed to maintaining a comprehensive and competitive educational program for all students./p>

1. Are students getting effective training and getting full value for money?

2. Do the College's management reflects principles of sound financial management, fiscal responsibility, regulatory compliance, administrative efficiency, and sustainability?

3. Are the courses and teachings dynamic and innovative, evolving as necessary to meet the changing needs and balancing of work/life issues of both the workforce and the College

4. Do the Colleges help students get apprenticeship jobs to improve their skills while still being in school.

5. Do they provides a "safety net" of basic benefits protection against the financial impact of catastrophic life events